Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Train, Continued

I cleaned my classes with the bottom of my dress and put them back on. I didn't enjoy wearing them and I was glad that I was in my own car where no one could see them; I only wore them for reading and even then, only when the print was too small to squint at. I returned my focus to my book but I could hear the voices outside of my car growing louder and more impatient. Suddenly, my door flew open and standing there was a man that I had never laid eyes on before. I quickly removed my glasses, closing my book. He seemed just as startled as I was, but before I could form the question on my lips asking who he was or why he was in my car, he exclaimed, "Darling, how lovely to see you!" I blinked, suddenly doubting if I did know him after all. But his eyes were panicked as the shouts of policemen echoed in my car. He swooped down next to me and kissed me, just as two policemen entered. I could hear them making comments about the two of us; I tried to push this man off of me, but he held on tight. When the men had left and the door shut behind them, the man's grasp loosened and I was able to shove him into the seat across from me. I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket and wiped my mouth. The man introduced himself frantically as Richard Hannay, a man who was on the run from the police and he needed my help to keep low for a few days. The two policemen returned, asking if I had seen a man by the name of Richard Hannay. All eyes were on me and I looked back and forth from the two men in uniform to the stranger across from me. And then slowly, I raised my finger, pointing. "This is the man you want inspector."

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